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Legit Fish has developed a seafood traceability database that compares confidential data from supply chain participants to landings data collected by the government in order to provide seafood dealers, processors, retailers, and their customers a solid verification of each individual lot of product that has been transacted. We facilitate a secure and grounded electronic data repository that can offer various traceability systems a concrete, unbiased authentication of a seafood labeling claim.  All of the data in Legit Fish is encrypted and confidential, as it is the sole property of the parties that provide it.  Trade partners can determine collectively which information is shared downstream to traceability applications, research institutions, and corporate management, and which data is kept confidential.  The Legit Fish platform is scalable, and can be adapted to pull data directly from a client’s current ERP system so that manual entry of information into Legit Fish is not required.

In the most basic form, Legit Fish can provide confirmation that species, location, and volumes are accurate as they move down the supply chain.  If preferred by the data owner, the system can be set to confirm various other more finite data components that are provided in fishery landing data such as vessel name, permit number, port landed, and so on.  Within the bounds of the data set provided by the fishery dependent government data, a unique system can be configured for each dealer participant in the program, or a standard system could be configured to meet the need of a branding program.

There are various corporate and legislative requirements in motion, which could require detailed seafood product labeling. Without the development of this type of electronic data base the implementation of these requirements could be challenging. Legit Fish has an experienced management team and corporate backing of a reputable consulting firm VERTEX. LegitFish has filed international patent applications to establish rights to its unique data gathering, storing and transmission concept.




Seafood Retailers

The interoperability of LegitFish extracts information from government databases, ERP software, supply chain invoices, and purchase orders, and uses secure systems to verify the authenticity of seafood products.  LegitFish can operate independently as a standalone verification and authentication system throughout the supply chain, or provide a secure and grounded electronic data repository for the fisheries and seafood trade sectors where consolidated, verifiable and authenticated data can be managed and shared with front end track and trace applications and other ERP software.

Seafood Dealers

The Legit Fish system authenticates seafood products by linking them back to official government landing records.  Our system allows fishing companies to retain confidentiality of their information while providing consumers a solid verification of each individual lot of product that has been transacted.  Using current available technology, Legit Fish extracts information from government databases, ERP software, supply chain invoices, and purchase orders, and uses secure systems to verify and authenticate the source of seafood products. Legit Fish can be used by trade partners to decide collectively which information they chose to share downstream to traceability applications, research institutions, or corporate management.


Michael Carroll (CEO): Mr. Michael Carroll serves as VERTEX Division Manager of Fisheries and Aquaculture Services.  He has more than 25 years of experience in the seafood business from captaining a commercial fishing vessel to negotiating hundreds of millions of dollars in seafood procurement deals for major US retailers and restaurants. Mr. Carroll has held numerous seafood industry roles in companies like Ahold, Legal Seafoods and Fishery Products International. Mr. Carroll has worked extensively in procurement, operations and compliance for various large retail, restaurant and specialty seafood processors distributors.  Mike has also worked within the environmental sector for the New England Aquarium and Global Trust Certification Body. Mike has extensive experience and contacts in the seafood trade and environmental sectors. 

Joe Gozzi: As Founder and President of Corporate Systems Associates, Inc., a leader in Information Technology Consulting and Staffing, Joe has served as an integral part of the company since its inception in 1993.  Corporate Systems Associates, Inc. offers technology solutions to business and industry focused on the disciplines of Software Design, Development, Project Management and Systems Analysis. Corporate Systems Associates, Inc. serves several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the country and employs over 100 highly regarded Technology experts. Joe provides leadership, vision and structure as it applies to all aspects of the business and is dedicated to fostering a culture focused on integrity, accountability and teamwork.



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